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Gondorwith gondor u need to team heal ur team m8 heros and defend osgi/cair if ur camping but camping is a bad idea. in the begining of the game when south evils atacks u,  u need to def osgi or cair if they atack u at cair. [IF THEY RUSH osgi ] FIND ALL units that u can find  and send them to osgi. behind the walls  on the top left corner u need to defend the wall of osgi against gray mumakil so u send 3 groups of archer on that left corner ctrl+2 3 4  and shuld have in 1 groupe ur heros ctrl+1  and always build farm behind the wall of osgi. after the rush if u surive u shall archer push by cair or by osgi if u archer push by osgi u  shuld put ur 3 or 4 groups of archer  on the the birdge to not block fs becos fs needs to come kill towers  and build a farm at the starting edge of the bridge to heal units/heros and ur heros needs to team heal fs . for more info send me a message or talk to me on warcraft.

Heroes: Theoden, Gamling, Eomer, Theodred   Demis: Eowyn, Sir Rohan, Rider of the Mark (found in Helms deep, demi in the beginning) Don’t be afraid to pull out of the river area near isengard (River Ford).  Usualy I grab the Dwarven Ring, and send all units and heroes just north east of Helms, between Edoras and Helms.  Now you have a couple choices.  If Isen decides to attack the river, he will destroy all of your units (which is why I retreat out).  After Isen takes the river (Ford), mount a counter attack with the ents and kill all units.  Make sure you hotkey you heroes with horses + Eowyn + other demi.  (Note: Make sure that you get storm bolt with your hero, this is because isen no doubt will try to be power lvling grima or Sarumon and the stun will allow you to kill his hero.  You shouldn’t lose a hero because by now his army is basically dead, because eomer should be stunning with stomp.)  After the river is retaken, build two towers and a farm and set up archers behind.  You should have a large army and you can decide to counter attack with the ents and take isengard (if isens army is wiped out) or send your units to Gondor for a counter attack there. (By now fellowship should have taken East Osg. (Remember, Rohan has best heroes for Nazgul and Gollum hunting.  Make sure you get Owl as Gamling’s next move and find the naz!).  
Dol Amroth 
Heroes:  Imrahil, Adrahil, Furlong the Fattie  Demis: Sir ValMagen (very importantm needs to stay alive).Send wood to Gondor in the Beginning First off you must take all men (ALL MEN) to osgiliath.  Most players prefer to leave some units at Perlagir, dumb idea.  You must first defend osgiliath, then you can fall back and protect your base (Even red will come to help you if umbar attacks hard).  Send archers to top of osgiliath and get ready to aim for murmakil.  Heroes: Adrahil’s first move should be storm bolt so that you can stun murma in the beginning. You should get heal with furlong and stomp with imrahil.  Hot key your heroes with you demis and the swan knights.  After you defend osgiliath, make sure to notice if Umbar was in the attack too.  If so, umbar’s army will be somewhat dead, so keep your units in osgiliath for the impending counter attack.  Make sure you heal heroes as necessary (Fellowship and Gondor).  If umbar was not in the attack, keep the next few rounds of spawn to pelagir, and be ready for an attack.  Don’t feed red any more wood; instead build two towers and a farm above the city’s wall.  Put archers behind the wall and footmen on defend in the city.  You will be fine for the next couple of attacks.  By now rohan and Gondor should have taken a foothold in evil.  Note: Teal has the second most effective heroes for Nazgul hunting; make sure to take advantage of your hero abilities.  After you defend an attack from Umbar, send your units to osgiliath to help with the attack.  Teal is a helper race.  You job is to help Gondor with the attacking and defending, Help Rohan and Fangorn with the attacking and defending too.  Don’t be afraid to lose ur units to help save rohan’s river or protect osgiliath/Cair Andros.

The Fellowship of the Ring is the most important race of BFME.You can't win with out them. They got much beast heroes that beat. Your job is to push Evil with your team mates. But take care you jhave the heroes that are much aimed. Gandalf Aragorn Sam...Your job is to kill Evil and to follow your team every where. If you stay alone you die.

Heroes:  Quickbeam, Treebeard, Halidir  Demis: Elrohir, Elladan, Sir SamSend wood to Gondor in beginning Quickly, before you do anything, send out all ents to the river and make a mass in the east side of the ford.  Now, uproot all ancient protectors in the Fangorn Forest and set up a generous amount around your main base.  Send 1-2 ancient protectors to osgiliath near the top, just in case u need to root a murmakil or a demi in osgiliath.  Send the rest of ur ancient protectors (8ish) to defend the river.  Alert Rohan that you are about to counter attack the river and kill isen.  Send ents north above the river and come down on isens troops, don’t go through rohan’s side.  Heroes: make sure you get heal with Quickbeam and entangling roots with Treebeard.  After you take the river, either counter attack isengard, or camp the river and protect it while Rohan is at Gondor.  Send heroes (and demis) to Osgiliath and get Xp then send back to the river when isen attacks again. (Send archers to either osgiliath or cair, I hate people who make a separate team with halidir and archers; easy pickins for Gollum.)

With isen  you should xp Saruman first to get star fall so like that at any rush from good side u could defend ur self easyli. in begining i atack with my 5 groups of units and get saruman level 2-3 it depends how blue feeds u, but always come back with 2 and half to 3 groups of units becos blue might rush isen or ur heros on ur back, while ur atacking. then if saruman still a live  and ur versus fangorn only u need to try to keep fangorn busy and at any atack that u do u always need to come back with  half of ur army.

Khand , home of mumakils is an important race because you own Gollum ! GOllum is invisible and a good hero aimer. You must collect dwarven rings and kill light Heroes with out dieing (Use Ovatha to TP) , you can use Mumakils to Kill Osgi Walls.

Umbar is the weakest race of Evil in the begini but it cans become really strong with castles. Corsairs are also good hero aimers and your heroes are nice too. You must help at Osgi in the beginin and then follow you mates every where.

Nazguls are the most important race of Evil team,they Got 9 Heroes with imba spells , Their job is to aim heroes, But don't attack them alone like a noob vs an archer push or you will lose all of them. Nazguls must always be with units, they nuke the hero / sleep etc and the units finish the work. When you try to get a hero , your team probably help you , so take care of blocks etc. No problem if you lose 2-3 Nazguls , they will revive fast (8 minuts)Your spawn is the smallest i think but your units got chaos damage (Reanimated Soul) and the Priests can Summon some units with Divin Armor and Chaos damage. You have 2 at beginin , Keep them alive !

Mordor got the best spawn of the game and he's like one of the most important race. Heroes : Mouth of Sauron - Shelob - Grishnak (In Isengard) - Eye of Sauron (Scout , doesn't fight)Demi heroes : Olog Hais , (Brown trolls , 3 at beginin) Shagrat (Near Cirith Ungol) Gothmog (East Osgi) Shagrat got Roar.You shall attack osgi or cair with your team and if you fail , build a wall of towers to defend vs the Push. Mouth & Shelob should get Death Coil and use Shelob to Web the Heroes of the Light Team.When you reach the Wyrm spawn , Mass them in Mordor and when you got 5-6 you can storm the Light TeamYou must also aim heroes and try to heal the Nazguls or Nuke the Light Heroes.

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